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Tips For The Working Mom

May 18, 2018

I never set out to be a “working mom” in fact, my goal was to stay at home always with my babies but things change and opportunities arose that I couldn’t pass up. After 10 months home with my little one, I found myself working with The Refined Agency on a part-time basis. It was an opportunity to grow in my career field at a comfortable pace and hit some personal goals. As you may know, Alex & Lin have recently opened a gorgeous cafe in town, Cafe Lola! With new businesses comes new responsibilities on the team and I quickly moved to a more full-time role. Half the time I work from home and the other half I’m in the office, which works really well for our family right now. I’ve had to learn how to thrive in this new environment and after almost one year working and being a mom, I’ve got a few tips and tricks to get things done! Continue Reading

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“All Things Refined” Blog Launch Party Recap

May 8, 2018

Recently we celebrated our “All Things Refined” Launch Party at Hyde Bellagio, with over 1,000 people in attendance! It was a success and we want to thank everyone who made it possible, it was so wonderful to see your excitement for our new blog! Our blog is a team of women inspired by our unique experiences who have come to together to offer our best insider tips on all things fashion, beauty, career and lifestyle. Continue Reading

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Essentials Every Bossbabe Needs in Her Workbag

April 16, 2018

Okay ladies, it’s no secret that your workbag plays a huge role in your everyday life – it sits on the seat next to you everyday on your way work, joins you for work meetings, and is your trusty travel companion during business trips. No matter the task it’s always nearby, so it’s safe to say you should be packing the proper essentials! Check out our top picks to see what items are must-haves for your workbag!

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