Xeomin: The Natural Botox

August 19, 2019

In today’s day and age, the options for beauty are endless. There are so many products and procedures that it is super overwhelming. This is why I thought long and hard about what and if I wanted to try something to diminish the fine lines I was starting to see. I have always valued a more natural approach to beauty especially with the products I use. This was important to me in this new venture, as well. Enter my friend Rahki, an advanced nurse injector, who told me about Xeomin.

Xeomin is similar to Botox in that is it an injection that is used to improve frown lines. It is injected into muscles and temporarily prevents those muscles from contracting, thus correcting those fine lines. The main difference between Xeomin and Botox is that Xeomin has only one ingredient while Botox has many additives. Since Xeomin is more “pure” in its formulation there is also less of a chance to build up a resistance to it.

Since I told Rahki I did want more of a natural look she recommended Xeomin to me. This is something you should research and talk to your doctor or nurse injector to see which is right for you. Since posting my experience on my Stories, I wanted to answer some of the most asked questions.

 How much is it?

This depends on who you go to and where you go. I have seen it be anywhere from $300-$500 depending on how many units you need.

How long did it take? / How long does it last?

Rahki is a pro and it only took about 20 minutes. She made sure to walk me through everything which I appreciated! Xeomin, like Botox, typically lasts for up to 3 months but may last longer.

Did it hurt?

It was mostly just uncomfortable rather than painful. They do use numbing cream so it just felt like little pinches. My most helpful tip is to remember to breath!

Is it safe?

Yes, with anything like this you should always do your research but the one thing I liked most about Xeomin was that it is only one ingredient. It has no additives and is likely to work faster than Botox. I loved that this is the “pure” form of fixing those fine lines.

How many units did you get?

We did go more conservative for my first time so I only got 45 units.

Have you seen results already?

Yes, and I can’t believe it. It’s amazing how much smoother my forehead looks. I think I have seen the biggest difference around my eyes though.

Would you recommend?

Most definitely! Anything like this is always scary but if you’ve done your research on the product and your injector you should be good to go. I also love to get referrals when it comes to things like this.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process at all!

Rahki will be offering 20% off for any first timer! Make sure to reach out to her @beautyinjectionsbyrakhi. Or contact LV Plastic Surgery @lvplacticsurgery or!


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