Traveling with Sophie: Newborn Travel Essentials

September 22, 2018

Hi Everyone!  I just got back from an amazing and much needed vacation in Laguna Nigel with my family.   I wanted to put together my top travel essentials when traveling with a newborn because my anxiety was high before this trip.  The thought of traveling with a newborn gave me insomnia for about a week prior to our vacation! I researched so many tips & tricks before the trip to try to put my mind at ease, but nothing helped. Luckily, my hubby Michael just booked the trip and told me when we were going because I don’t think I would have got on a plane until Sophie was about 5 years old!

From all the articles I read and all the things I bought, here is a list of the things I ACTUALLY used for this trip! Of course you are going to want to pack all the basics like diapers, wipes, clothes, & baby bottles… but here are some other things I packed that were complete lifesavers.
  1.  Car Seat Cover:  To keep the car seat clean, I bought this cover and I loved it. It’s amazing that you can bring the stroller in to the airport and it doesn’t count as your carry-on luggage. You just check it at the gate right before you get on the plane and then they bring it out for you right when you land.
  2.  Travel Bed: This travel bed was awesome for us. We just put it right in the middle of the hotel bed and she slept like a baby, literally. It has a little bit of an incline as well which she loved. I bought the sheets as well!
  3. Pacifier Holder: This was a necessity so the pacifier didn’t fall to the ground at the airport or on the plane! The biggest tip I read was to feed them at take off and landing. Sophie was asleep already so I just made sure she had the pacifier in her mouth and was using that at take off and landing.
  4.  Changing Pad: Yes, Sophie pooped right when we got on the plane lol!  So, I was thankful that I had her changing pad packed in our carry-on so I didn’t have to touch anything.
  5. Lysol Wipes: I’m a germaphobe so lysol wipes were a MUST for me. I lysol’d the entire airplane seat and arm rest before I sat down. I bought the travel wipes and just kept a pack in my purse for a germ emergency.
  6. Footsies: again, because I’m a germaphobe , I wanted Sophie to be completely covered! The onesies that covered her feet were perfect for travel, they kept her warm and free from touching any germy airport seat.
  7. Sakura Bloom Scout:  Last but not least, a baby carrier was super helpful so you don’t have to carry the baby the entire flight. My favorite one is the Sakura Bloom – its super easy to put on & it fits so nicely! The carrier provides a lot of support on your shoulders and back.
I am so happy that we were able travel so easily with Sophie.  This trip definitely calmed my nerves and I feel much more comfortable with the idea of planning more vacations in the future.  Where should we go next?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Reply Amber Mallick September 22, 2018 at 1:24 am

    These are some really great tips! Our first trip will be in a couple weeks and I’ve been stressing about it. I’ll have to get some of these essentials. 🙂

  • Reply Veronica Mitchell October 11, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Thank goodness I came across your post! We’re having our first out of town trip in a few weeks. I’ve started packing our things, and have been freaking out thinking I might miss something very essential! Haha.

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