Summer Essentials

June 7, 2018

Happy Thursday, boss babes!  Our team has been so busy planning events and working with our social media clients that we can’t believe it is already June… summer is here!   That got us thinking about one of our favorite things about summer: the fashion.  Correction: if we are being honest it’s one of our favorite things all year round!  But really, the fashion that comes with the heatwaves is one of the many reasons we love summer, especially the accessories.  We wanted to share with you some of our favorite summer accessories for this season to get everyone ready for the sunshine and summertime!

Shoes: As they say, good shoes take you good places and we definitely agree.  Summer shoes are chic and effortless.  Take a peek at our favs for this summer!


Handbags: We are firm believers a well picked bag can elevate any outfit.  While we believe you should definitely have your classic staple bags, summer can be a time to have a little more fun with it! Check out some of our top handbags for the season.


Sunglasses:  Give a girl the right pair of sunglasses and instant glamour! Here are some sunnies that we are currently coveting.


Summer is looking good!

Make sure to comment below with some of your summer favorites!


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