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Refined Baby: Must-Haves and Things You Don’t Need

March 30, 2018

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There are so many different baby products out there and as a new mom, you probably have a laundry list of items that you think you need. After my daughter was born I was very surprised to found out which items I LOVED and which I didn’t really care for – This is a guide to what I found to be those “must-have” items and also the “not-so-great” items that you probably don’t need!


1. Sterilizer – This was actually a surprising must have for us. I was a nursing stay at home mom so I didn’t see the point in buying a fancy sterilizer to clean bottles we rarely used. I was so wrong! Even though we did nurse, I still needed to sterilize things. This cleaned pumping accessories, pacifiers, The Nose Frida & anything else that I that we wanted to make sure was extra sterile. The best part was we loaded it, added water hit a button and walked away. When it was done, it converted to a drying rack. It was so handy and kept all our supplies looking new and clean

2. Covered Goods Multi-Use Cover – I got this about 4-5 months after my daughter was born and only regret not getting it sooner. When we’d go out, we were always juggling the blanket over the carseat or the flimsy nursing cover I purchased from Target. This 3 in 1 cloth changed the game. It fit snug over the carseat keeping wind (and pesky hands) away from baby. I could take it off the carseat and put it over my head to become a 360 nursing cover, which meant I no longer needed to struggle with the cloth and the baby and when she got older, we laid it down in the grocery cart. Not only is it super functional but it is also really pretty. We got so many compliments on it and the patterns are actually things I’d want on a piece of clothing.

3. 4Moms Infant Tub – I didn’t give too much thought to the bathtub until I received one in the mail before my shower. I always thought I’d just do sink baths but, this was a lifesaver for my tiny preemie. It tells the temperature of the water which seems like a no brainer but cold to you isn’t always that cold to the baby. I liked that it monitored the temperature as we ran the water it took away a stress we didn’t need. I also liked the layout of the tub. It had a well that held clean water to use for rinsing and a larger slope for baby to recline. The recline was nice because it kept the water from getting near her face but still covered her body so she stayed warm. We used this well past her first birthday and have it stored away for future babies.

Things You Don’t Need

1. Wipe Warmer – I always said I didn’t want a wipe warmer. I thought it was kind of pointless seeing how wipes aren’t always going to be warm. My husband and mother thought differently. So when a friend offered to give me hers, I reluctantly took it. I will say that it was a nice accessory to have in the very beginning but over time it was just a hassle. The pad at the bottom, that keeps the wipes moist never stayed moist. The wipes were usually dry and it didn’t really matter one way or another that we used it. After about 3 months, we ditched it. And haven’t looked back. My tip? Try to keep the house a little warmer than you’re used to. This way there really aren’t “cold” diaper changes and when you’re out and about and baby inevitably has a stinky diaper, she’s not mad because the wipes aren’t warm.

2. The Boppy – I thought I wanted this for all my late night nursing sessions and lounging around but I ending up hating it! I never got comfortable with the design of it and it was so bulky. The Boppy is always on the top of the list for new moms but it’s so firm and uncomfortable I found myself reaching for a pillow over it every time. After week 2, it was collecting dust in the corner. I rarely used it for tummy time or propping and just found it to be in the way more than helpful.

3. The Bulb Syringe – First of all, these praised medical devices just don’t work! They do frustrate mom, baby, and anyone within hearing distance. Secondly, they’re pretty gross. I’ll spare you the details but the inside of those are not pretty. Everyone swears by them until they use, The Nose Frida. This handy device is super simple and creates a lot less drama. It’s much more sanitary and the suction is effective. It comes in handy on so many occasions.

Everyone’s experience with certain items is different, but if you’re really looking to cut down that long list of items this could be a good place to start. So whether you’re a soon-to-be mommy or simply looking for a baby shower gift, I hope this guide helps!



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