Our Favorite Boutique Workout Studios in Las Vegas

March 16, 2019

Some of you may know how much the All Things Refined Team enjoys working out!  We love getting our sweat on, trying out new places, and finding a studio that makes us feel good.  We’ve tried a lot of different places around the city and wanted to share our favorites with you!


The Ride Premium Indoor Cycling: Between all of us we have tried a lot of different cycle studios in Las Vegas and this is definitely one of our favorites.  The studio is amazing, super modern, clean, and inviting.  The staff is very friendly and informative, which is really helpful because we all know it can be a little stressful trying somewhere new.  They also have some of the best cycling instructors who always create challenging and fun classes that will help you reach your goals.  Definitely try Kat, Lacey, and Charlie’s classes!

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Core Studios: Not only does Core have some of the best Pilates classes we’ve ever taken but both studios are #decorgoals.  Their classes keep you motivated and challenged while toning your entire body.  If you haven’t tried Pilates, Foundations Reformer is for you! It will give you the introduction you need to tackle other classes.  If you aren’t new to Pilates, one of our favorite classes is Jumpboard Reformer.  Lin has been a client for 7 years and swears by this place.  All of their instructors are super dedicated, knowledgeable, and amazing!  Private’s are also available.  You can catch Lin there 4x a week after maternity leave to shed the baby weight!

Xuberance: This spot presents a different approach to fitness than we have ever seen and we love it!  Xuberance provides nutritional and fitness evaluations prior to the start of your training so you can see true results.  Every single workout is modified for you, with one on one training.  You also get one massage a week and access to a nutritionist anytime you need one.  It is a little on the pricey side but if it is in your budget it is definitely worth checking out.

FSY Fitness Studio: For those of you down in Henderson get over to FSY!  This place is like three different workout studios in one.  They’ve have Cycle, Hot Pilates, Barre, Bootcamp, Kettlebell, and Tread classes.  The diversity in classes is amazing.  They still provide a smaller class size and you have the option to pay for certain a membership.

Where are some of your favorite studios in Las Vegas?


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