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July 31, 2018

Hi everyone!  It has been a while since I have done a post on here so I wanted to give everyone a little update on how Sophie and I have been doing, as well as share a few must-have items. Going into parenthood with zero experience was terrifying. I don’t think I held a newborn baby more than once in my life… I honestly don’t know how hospitals let people take home these tiny little babies with zero training! Then before I knew it, I had my newborn in my arms and my anxiety went through the roof. I just knew I needed to figure it out, very quickly. I was basically winging it every day!

A lot of people would tell me, “it will come naturally” or ,“your motherly instincts will kick in”.  As a new mom, and a woman, it’s so important to be real with where you struggle. Everyone is different, and you’re NOT alone. For me, my struggle is within “Momming Naturally”. Everyone told me my “mom instincts” would kick in like clockwork, and TBH, they didn’t really. I still feel anxious every time Sophie cries, I still don’t always get it right.  Every day just got a tiny bit easier because I learned Sophie’s behaviors and I got a TON of help from my mom, friends and our amazing nanny, Natalee! Only now, 7 weeks later, am I feeling a little bit more comfortable being a mom. 

Here is a list of my newborn must-haves for a first time mama that helped me during the first few weeks!


1. Pump – I had no idea what a pump was before I had Sophie! Everyone just made it seem like breastfeeding would be so easy, which is totally wrong. It may come easy for some women, but for me it was a huge learning curve. Sophie is going on 7 weeks and we are just now getting the hang of it. She was 2 weeks early, so she was a “sleepy eater” which means she falls asleep before she is done eating.  This also meant that she was not eating enough.  So, I started pumping to keep track of how much she was eating. I have the Medela Freestyle which I love, it was super easy to use & I could hook it up and still continue getting ready or do other errands. The only thing is that it is really big still and there is no way you can be discrete wearing it.

 Another pump I heard about is the Willow, which is a pump that fits in your bra! I just got this one last week and I’m so excited to use it! I’ll be doing a separate Instagram post about this pump so make sure you’re following me there if you want to know what I think about it! (Side note: Bamboobies are the best Breast pads ever! They’re so soft and are waterproof. I tried 3 other brands and nothing compares.)

If you have trouble breastfeeding or have any other questions at all about parenthood, I recommend reaching out to @doulasoflasvegas for support. I had a doula come to my house for the first few weeks and she helped so much! 

2. Hands free pump bra- I got this from amazon after a friend recommended it and it’s amazing! Without it, you literally have to hold the pump the entire time- a total lifesaver. 

3. Belly Binder – This helps your tummy get back to normal size.  I got this waist trainer on Amazon. I actually bought the more expensive one that everyone posts about on Instagram, but I liked this one better! It was way easier to put on and I basically lived in it and still am wearing it every night! 

4. Another product that I loved for c-section recovery were these C-Panties. They were so comfortable to wear post surgery.  

5. Something else that I love is the Sakura Bloom carrier. This is something that I can use for a lot of different stages in Sophie’s life and is super helpful sinceI can be handsfree with it as well! 


1. Car seat – I did a lot of research on which car seat to get and the Nuna Pipa LX won. It’s the lightest car seat on the market (only 6 pounds!) so I can actually lift it without breaking my back and there is a built in breathable cover that covers the entire car seat – only her feet show which I love because I don’t like strangers touching my baby lol!  I purchased it at this super cute store in Downtown Summerlin called Lovebug Baby. 

2. Bottles – my fave bottles were the MAM Bottles or the Minbie Bottles. We tried almost every single bottle on the market, but these two had the smallest nipples and Sophie loved them

3. Clothing – my fave clothing item for the first month were these super cute snap up robes. They kept her warm, her hands covered so she doesn’t scratch her face, & they have easy access to change her diapers. I got a few of these and Sophie loved them! 

4. Sleep – the Fisher Price Rock n Play was amazing for us and for about every other mama I spoke to. She slept perfectly in there for 3-4 hours at a time! I also have the Snugglemeorganic which I love so she can stretch out. In my opinion, having Sophie sleep in different positions helps keep her neck and back healthy!  

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5. Swing – Sophie loves the 4 Moms Mamaroo for when she’s awake or taking a nap. It’s super light so easy to move around the house & it has several different options for movement. 

These are definitely my favorite must-haves so far. They’ve definitely helped me feel confident when trying to figure my baby girl out and find a routine. Also, as a new mom,  let others know when you need their wisdom and advice, I’ve learned so much by just asking family and friends!  

What are some of your go-tos?  I would love to hear from some fellow new mamas! 


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    Awesome read!! You are doing a great job and the content is really cool for new moms. Sophie is adorable!

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