Lin’s Favorite Loungewear

November 14, 2018

My last post I shared some of my favorite fall dresses.  How things have changed!  All I want to wear currently is loungewear and pajamas!  I mean is there anything better than being comfy?  Definitely not.  So, I have rounded up some of my go pieces for you this season! 

Of course anyone who knows me, knows that ASOS is my number one place to shop. I have dedicated whole posts to it!  They make online shopping so easy and their two day shipping membership has changed my life.  Since I am all about comfort these days, here are some of my top pieces from ASOS.

Next up we have Shopbop!  Shopbop has some of the best quality brands that fashion has to offer.  I picked out some basics here and two prints that I thought were fun and different. These are guaranteed to be super comfy!

Finally we have my picks from Nordstrom!  Obviously you can find anything you need at Nordstrom and loungewear is no exception. Here are the items I loved!

Let me know what your favorite loungewear brands are below!



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