Lin’s Baby Soiree

February 1, 2019

Bonjour Baby Margaux!  I have been getting so many inquiries about the event so I wanted to create this blog post to showcase all of the fun.  Last Saturday my closest friends and family gathered at Neiman Marcus’ Mariposa Room for my baby soiree.  It was the most perfect day and was everything I imagined and more!

To start off I wanted to talk about my invites.   I had an amazing custom illustration done by Theresa Kelly.  I wanted to make sure my invites were going to be just like my shower, non-traditional and elegant.  We also incorporated butterflies onto the invite.


Like I said, this definitely wasn’t a traditional baby shower, hence the title, baby soiree!  It was important for the day to feel refined and fun for all of my guests.  I chose the Mariposa Room at Neiman’s because it is simple, elegant, and has a beautiful view of The Strip.  It helped that it was in Neiman’s as well (you know my love for shopping!).

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My vision for the theme of the baby soiree was butterflies.  I chose butterflies because of my Grandma.  We released them at her funeral and it was really important to me to incorporate her into this meaningful day.  She was such a big part of my life and I want to make sure she is represented throughout Margaux’s life as well.  Butterflies are also a part of Margaux’s nursery and a way to honor my Grandma’s memory daily.


For the rest of the decor for the day, I wanted to keep things very girly.  I chose to have lanterns and butterflies in the entrance as all of the guests walked in.  The room then opened up to balloon arch with the backdrop: Bonjour Margaux.  You know I love a good photo op!  We also had these amazing baby blocks that my Mom handmade.  Another element that you just know I had to have was lots of florals.  Florals are a must at any event and especially a baby soiree.  I also wanted to give a huge shoutout to Balloons With a Twist who constructed this amazing backdrop.  Everyone was completely obsessed!




Onto some other details, I had my dress handmade by MovaLightMaternity.  It was super comfy and I got so many compliments on it.  I would absolutely recommend! Rock Paper Bloom generously donated the guest book and paper flowers.  The guest book was gorgeous and each guest was able to write Margaux a little note on the flower petals.

I am SO grateful to each and every person for coming and especially thankful to everyone that helped make this day so special.  I had a special connection with each and every woman that attended and could not have asked for a better day.  It was so nice to celebrate the arrival of Baby Margaux with all 65 of her Aunties to be!

We can’t wait to meet you, Margaux!



Invites: Theresa Kelly Art 

Venue: Neiman Marcus Mariposa Room 

Balloon Arch and Letters: Balloons With A Twist 

Lantern Entrance and Candy Cart: SKTCH Events 

Guest Book and Paper Flowers: Rock Paper Bloom 

Dress: MovaLightMaternity

Thank You Cards: LemonGrace

Caricature Artist: Erica Deutsch

Thank You Gifts for my amazing friends that hosted: Passport Covers for an upcoming trip we have planned to Paris in 2020!

Florals, Baby Blocks, and Floral M: Handmade by my Mom!

Photography: Bethany Paige 


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