Let’s Talk About Goals

January 29, 2019

Recently,  we hosted our Thank U, Next 2019 Vision Board Party.  Seeing so many of you excited about your goals inspired us!   So, let’s talk about your goals.  They say by now most people have given up on their New Years resolutions.  It’s easy to give up on something that seems far away, unattainable, impossible, not practical, you name it.  We can always find an excuse.  We’re here to tell you not to!  They are so important and we really believe you can manifest your goals.  The power of the mind is an incredibly strong thing!  Here are some simple tricks that help us stick to our goals.

Vision Board: Of course, this is on our list!  Vision boards help you envision goals on paper.  With a visual, it is easier to stay focused.  You can include anything on the board from your mindset, home goals, dream vacation, your ideal job, and more.

Write it Down:  If a vision board isn’t for you, keep it simple and just write your goals down.  There are actually studies that back up the power of writing them down! Grab a notebook and start writing.  Be specific and set measurable marks of success with deadlines.

An Accountability Buddy:  Tell someone your goals!  Whether it be a parent, sibling, best friend, SO, roommate, or co-worker.  Voicing your goals out loud and finding someone that will help hold you accountable can help!  Make sure this person is supportive and truly wants to help you be your best self.

Love Your Goals: Finally, and this is an important one, make sure these goals of yours are something you are excited and passionate about.  Working towards something you believe in is far more satisfying than something you don’t.  Believe in yourself and say no to everything that doesn’t move you forward!

Let us know what helps you stay motivated towards your goals!

Check out some of our pictures from the vision board party below.  A special thank you to our sponsors Café Lola and Peroni!

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Processed with VSCO with s2 preset



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