Four Summer Standouts

May 14, 2018

Summer is already here and as you know, the sun and warm weather can sometimes be your skin’s worst enemy. There are thousands of beauty products out there all promising to protect and hydrate your skin during the warmer months, so which ones can you really trust? Well, I’ve done most of the legwork for you and found some outstanding products. And trust me, there is nothing better then when you find beauty products that actually work! Here are four summer standouts I am loving this season.

1. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream:  I truly think this product’s name sums it up best.   If you are a fan of a more natural look, don’t love wearing foundation, or just like  glowy looking skin, this stuff is for you!  It is a color correcting and anti-aging formula with SPF 50+ which is always a huge benefit (because all of us should always be protecting our skin).  Try using a beautyblender for easy application!

2. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold: Let me just say before this product, I had given up on self-tanner.  I had tried so many different products but nothing ever worked or looked natural on me.  Bondi Sands is a huge game changer.  This is a dry oil that sets in about 2-3 hours and will last for around a week.  It gives a nice bronzed but natural glow and actually smells like coconuts.  Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before. I would recommend using an application mitt because it helps when applying and will also save your hands.  This product will make you feel like you’ve just gotten back from the beach!

3. Ice Facial Roller: Basically, this is just a facial massager that you can keep in your freezer.    Ice Rolling minimizes pores and wrinkles, helps de-bloat and de-puff your face, and quite honestly, feels great in the mornings.  It can help with redness, breakouts, and also headaches or migraines.  Always use on a clean face, with product applied (like a serum) or on your bare face.

4. Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel: Drunk Elephant has been my go-to for skin care for months now but I recently tried this product out and I already know it is going to be a lifesaver for the summer.  They describe this as a drink of water for your face and it it honestly feels like it.  It has provitamin B and pineapple ceramide among a whole other list of beneficial ingredients that instantly brightens your skin.

What are some of your favorite beauty finds for the summer? Tell me in the comments below – I’m always looking for new products to try!


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