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Essentials Every Bossbabe Needs in Her Workbag

April 16, 2018

Okay ladies, it’s no secret that your workbag plays a huge role in your everyday life – it sits on the seat next to you everyday on your way work, joins you for work meetings, and is your trusty travel companion during business trips. No matter the task it’s always nearby, so it’s safe to say you should be packing the proper essentials! Check out our top picks to see what items are must-haves for your workbag!

1. Hand Cream – An essential for those dry days!

2. Liquid Lipstick – A great nude lipstick is a must! You never know when you’re going to be running into a meeting!

3. iPad – All the capabilities of your computer without the extra bulk! And sometimes the bigger screen is just easier to look at instead of your small phone screen. Bring it to your meetings to take notes and have easy access to your calendar!

4. Day Planner – It’s helpful to have your schedule in front of you, but it’s also useful when you’re on the phone or in a meeting and need to jot down a few quick notes! You don’t want to miss any important details!

5. Cosmetic Pouch – Useful for way more than just makeup! Use one to keep all your chargers in one place!

6. Phone Charger – Maybe you’ve been busy with conference calls, or maybe you just forgot to charge your phone last night. Either way, keeping your charger handy is important!

7. Protein Bar – Snacks, snacks, snacks. Our favorite choice is a protein bar, but pack any quick and healthy snack that will give you a quick jolt of energy. Nuts or dried fruits are another good option!

8. Feminine Products – Lets face it, we try to track our time of the month to the best of our ability and then all of sometimes it just shows up. So, keep some pads or tampons in a zip compartment of your bag so they’re ready when you are!

9. Concealer – If you’ve been working overtime, a little touchup to those dark circles will leave you walking into your next meeting with a confidence boost!

10. Pain Relievers – Advil, Tylenol, anything that can help combat a headache when you have work to get done.

11. Headphones – Perfect for your commute to work or just to wind down while you’re working in the office. We recommend going for ear buds or even something wireless. That way they won’t take up extra room in your bag!

12. Lip Balm – It seems like dry lips always sneak up on you, so keep your favorite chapstick or lip balm ready just in case!

13. Kleenex – Sick or not, these might just save your life.

14. Pens – This one is underrated but SO important. You never know when that pen is going to come in handy.

15. Hand Sanitizer – You probably don’t want to think about how many germs we come into contact with on a daily basis, but a hand wipe or drop of sanitizer will keep you feeling fresh.


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  • Reply Ashleigh April 18, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    It’s embarrassing how lost I feel just by not having my chapstick with me throughout the day! Nailed it with this list, complete with amazing bags to carry our lives around in.

    Ashleigh | Ashleigh Renay

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