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Las Vegas City Guide

Las Vegas City Guide

Las Vegas City Guide Takeover: Fall Menus We’re Excited About

October 26, 2018

Las Vegas Official City Guide guest writes on All Things Refined to provide the names to know in culture, beauty, cuisine and more. They only feature the best of Las Vegas! 

As the seasons finally begin to change in Las Vegas, so comes the new innovative menus throughout the the valley.  Fall brings some of the best weather of the year in and we can’t wait to take advantage of ALL seasonal ingredients offered for a limited time! Continue Reading

Las Vegas City Guide

Best Kept Secrets of Las Vegas

August 17, 2018

Forget about New York, Las Vegas is truly the city that never sleeps. This town is bustling 24 hours a day with constant entertainment and so many places to be.  As Las Vegas locals we are used to new places and experiences popping up all the time.  Naturally, we all gravitate towards the hottest and most talked about places around town.  We find that we’re always on the lookout for hidden gems around the city.  Here are a few of our favorites!  Continue Reading

Celebrate Las Vegas City Guide Life

3 Things to Add to your Summer Bucket List in Las Vegas

July 14, 2018

Yesterday in the office we realized we are almost half-way through July!  Honestly, this year has been flying by for us.

Anyways, we talk a lot about style and beauty on this blog but something we’re also truly passionate about is events and being SOCIAL!  We decided to compile a list of fun things going on around the valley because there is nothing better then trying new things and seeing more of the city you live in.  Here are 3 things to add to your summer bucket list in Las Vegas!

Continue Reading