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Xeomin: The Natural Botox

August 19, 2019

In today’s day and age, the options for beauty are endless. There are so many products and procedures that it is super overwhelming. This is why I thought long and hard about what and if I wanted to try something to diminish the fine lines I was starting to see. I have always valued a more natural approach to beauty especially with the products I use. This was important to me in this new venture, as well. Enter my friend Rahki, an advanced nurse injector, who told me about Xeomin. Continue Reading


5 Non-Toxic Products You Need

April 20, 2019

So some of you may know that I have a Masters in Health Promotion which means I am always super conscious about the products I use on my body and especially what I use for Sophie.  I think it is really important to educate yourself about ingredients in the products and why they could potentially harmful.  On the other hand you should also learn about what ingredients are beneficial, as well.  A while ago I wrote a post about skincare and 5 ingredients you should never use! This is something I definitely standby.  I wanted to share some of he most recent non-toxic products I am loving right now! Continue Reading


Alex’s Rose Gold Makeup Look

March 2, 2019

Skincare Tips with Alex: 5 Ingredients You Should Never Put on Your Face

August 28, 2018

Hi Guys!

One thing you may not know about me is that I have my Masters in Health Promotion, which means that I am a little OCD about ingredients (Food, Skincare, Drinks, you name it!). I spend WAY too long grocery shopping & picking out my skincare because I sit there and read the ingredient list of every item like a crazy person. The scary truth is most major companies spend all their money in marketing and not so much in making sure the ingredients are safe.  I have decided to share with you some of the ingredients I look out for as well as my fave skin care line that doesn’t have ANY of these. Continue Reading


Four Summer Standouts

May 14, 2018

Summer is already here and as you know, the sun and warm weather can sometimes be your skin’s worst enemy. There are thousands of beauty products out there all promising to protect and hydrate your skin during the warmer months, so which ones can you really trust? Well, I’ve done most of the legwork for you and found some outstanding products. And trust me, there is nothing better then when you find beauty products that actually work! Here are four summer standouts I am loving this season. Continue Reading

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“All Things Refined” Blog Launch Party Recap

May 8, 2018

Recently we celebrated our “All Things Refined” Launch Party at Hyde Bellagio, with over 1,000 people in attendance! It was a success and we want to thank everyone who made it possible, it was so wonderful to see your excitement for our new blog! Our blog is a team of women inspired by our unique experiences who have come to together to offer our best insider tips on all things fashion, beauty, career and lifestyle. Continue Reading


Beauty Secrets: Bronzy

January 19, 2018

I always get asked “What color shadow looks best with brown eyes?” I could just list off a bunch of eyeshadow colors, but instead I’ve decided to create a look for you guys with some of my favorite products. A few weeks ago, we got the chance to meet some amazing ladies from Colour Pop. To be honest, I had never used the brand before, but I was excited to see what it was all about. They’re famous for their super shock shadows that are super sparkly & metallic (pictured above). Out of all the products we got to try, I have to say my favorite thing was their bronzer and highlighter palette. It is probably the best bronzer & highlighter powder palate I’ve ever used! It goes on so smooth! You will love it.

Continue Reading