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My Favorite Baby Clothes

November 1, 2018

Happy November everyone!  These year has been going by so fast I can’t believe it is basically almost over.  With these months flying by I feel like Sophie is growing up so fast.  I wanted to round up my absolute favorite baby clothes I have discovered over the past few months for you!  Continue Reading


New Mom Must-Haves from Alex

July 31, 2018

Hi everyone!  It has been a while since I have done a post on here so I wanted to give everyone a little update on how Sophie and I have been doing, as well as share a few must-have items. Going into parenthood with zero experience was terrifying. I don’t think I held a newborn baby more than once in my life… I honestly don’t know how hospitals let people take home these tiny little babies with zero training! Then before I knew it, I had my newborn in my arms and my anxiety went through the roof. I just knew I needed to figure it out, very quickly. I was basically winging it every day!
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Baby Celebrate

It’s All in The Details: Baby Shower Invitations

April 25, 2018

Hello everybody! My baby shower is coming up and wanted to share my adorable invitations with you! As you can probably tell, I’m having a baby girl and I wanted my invitations to read chic, pink, and elegant. I was going for something a little more over the top than you’re traditional “you’re invited!” letter, so I added some special touches and they turned out SO cute! Continue Reading

Baby Style

Maternity Styles for All Occasions

April 11, 2018

Sometimes it’s just hard to find the perfect outfit when your tummy is growing, but I’ve complied some of my favorite maternity looks for everyday of the week! There’s so many maternity styles out there that are fashionable AND comfortable, so check out all my favorite picks below for some inspo on next week’s outfit!  Continue Reading

Baby Lifestyle

Refined Baby: Must-Haves and Things You Don’t Need

March 30, 2018

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There are so many different baby products out there and as a new mom, you probably have a laundry list of items that you think you need. After my daughter was born I was very surprised to found out which items I LOVED and which I didn’t really care for – This is a guide to what I found to be those “must-have” items and also the “not-so-great” items that you probably don’t need!

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Baby Lifestyle

The Baby Bump: 5 Things Every Mama Should Have During Her First Trimester  

February 20, 2018

Hi everyone! Now that I’m well in to my second trimester, I thought I would share some of the things that helped me sooo much during my first trimester! Some things I dealt with: I was terrified every day of something happening, I was sooo bloated, I had allll day nausea (not just in the mornings) and a ton of food aversions! The traditional “eat ginger & saltines” didn’t work for me because the smell of ginger grossed me out soooo much and I am gluten-free, so I couldn’t eat saltines! Continue Reading

Baby Lifestyle

DIY: Baby’s First Smashcake

February 16, 2018

When I set out to plan my daughters first birthday I knew it needed to be three things. It had to be bohemian, it had to be chic and it had to have my handmade touch on it. I searched for months on Pinterest and Instagram trying to nail down my final theme. After going around and around with it, I finally landed on a Wild One theme. Think rustic, floral, and wood elements. I wanted everything at the party to reflect the theme from decor to her outfit to her food.

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