Be Your Own Galentine: 5 Ways To Show Yourself Love

February 13, 2019

It’s officially the day before Valentine’s Day! When we think of Valentine’s Day and February, in general, we typically think of love. We think of our valentines, galentines, or Singles Awareness Day.  It’s generally about showing others love and not ourselves. We so often take care of others first and deprioritize ourselves in so many ways. So we’re here to remind you to take care of yourself!  Here are some simple ways you can show yourself the love you deserve. 

Unplug:  Put the computer away, the phone down, and just unplug.  We tie ourselves to our phones like it’s a lifeline and oftentimes we end up stressing ourselves out with the constant communication and endless scrolling that comes with it.  Putting that phone down for a couple of hours, going outside or reading a book can do wonders.

Buy yourself something nice: A little retail therapy is always a fun way to treat yourself. Take yourself on a shopping spree, buy yourself that bag or pair of shoes you’ve been wanting forever.

Workout:  Getting your sweat on naturally releases endorphins which makes you happy, happy people love themselves.  Working out is a way for you to invest in you, release stress, and helps you connect with yourself.  When we look good, we feel good!

Pamper yourself:  Take a long bath, do a face mask, get a facial, whatever pampering yourself means to you, do it!  Putting time into yourself, even if it is something small can be refreshing.

Cook yourself a good meal: For some of us cooking may sound like a challenge but there is definitely a sense of accomplishment after you’ve made a good meal or followed a recipe.  It is also a way to clear your mind and gives you a moment to focus on something else.  If you’re not a fan of cooking, give baking a try.  Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies?

Sometimes we just need a little reminder that taking a break to do something nice for yourself isn’t a bad thing!  What are some ways you show yourself love?


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