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Lin Jerome

How to Make your Instagram Highlights Standout

August 31, 2018

Hey everyone! I just got back from a few summer trips but something I have been so exicted to share with all of you are my new Instagram highlights!  I collaborated with the wonderful Theresa Kelly Art to do something a little different than the typical highlight.   I really wanted to do something that was different and something that was very me!  Here are my top tips for making your instagram highlights stand out:

  1. Find your Voice: This is something that is SO important in all aspects of your Instagram and blog, if you have one.  Your biggest power is being you and this is something you should always focus on. Your voice should translate to all aspects including your highlights.
  2. Make your highlights specific to you:  It is always easy to do whatever everyone else does, but you should make your highlight categories specific to what you want to feature.  Make your highlights unique to you and your voice, as that will encourage people to click on them.
  3. Customize them yourself:  Make sure to make your own highlights!  This is something that can be done on Photoshop or Canva or even Wordswag.  It is important to create your own so they are distinct and recognizable.
  4. Keep it Simple: This is something that is always easier said than done but a simple, clean design will always look best in those little circles!  Don’t overthink it and go with what feels like the most you from a design standpoint.

Straightforward things like your highlights on Instagram can elevate you above the rest whether you are an influencer or a business.   Making yours simple but different, and something that emphasizes your voice, is key.

Make sure to check out some the highlights below and visit my Instagram to view the rest! I am so excited seeing these up on my instagram.  Thank you so much Theresa!