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All Things Business: How to Choose a Good Business Partner

July 10, 2019

Welcome to our latest series: All Things Business!   We get so many DM’s, comments, and inquires on entrepreneurship, working with each other, and our businesses in general so we wanted to hop on and start sharing our advice and experience here.  The first topic we’ve chosen to tackle is How to Choose a Good Business Partner. Continue Reading

Let’s Wear Pink: Your Outfit Guide to National Rosé Day

June 7, 2019

Hi Loves! It’s been a while since we’ve been on here but life has been going a million miles a minute lately.  We’ve been hard at work opening Lin and Alex’s second concept Saint Honoré, planning out lots details for Women Who Slay this year (!!!!), and basically working and hustling on the daily.  We’re super excited though to take a moment together to celebrate Café Lola’s One Year Anniversary this Saturday and we’re even more excited it’s National Rosé Day! Who does’t love an excuse to celebrate and drink rosé?  We’re breaking down some cute outfit ideas because on National Rosé Day we wear pink! Continue Reading

Our Favorite Boutique Workout Studios in Las Vegas

March 16, 2019

Some of you may know how much the All Things Refined Team enjoys working out!  We love getting our sweat on, trying out new places, and finding a studio that makes us feel good.  We’ve tried a lot of different places around the city and wanted to share our favorites with you! Continue Reading

Be Your Own Galentine: 5 Ways To Show Yourself Love

February 13, 2019

It’s officially the day before Valentine’s Day! When we think of Valentine’s Day and February, in general, we typically think of love. We think of our valentines, galentines, or Singles Awareness Day.  It’s generally about showing others love and not ourselves. We so often take care of others first and deprioritize ourselves in so many ways. So we’re here to remind you to take care of yourself!  Here are some simple ways you can show yourself the love you deserve.  Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Goals

January 29, 2019

Recently,  we hosted our Thank U, Next 2019 Vision Board Party.  Seeing so many of you excited about your goals inspired us!   So, let’s talk about your goals.  They say by now most people have given up on their New Years resolutions.  It’s easy to give up on something that seems far away, unattainable, impossible, not practical, you name it.  We can always find an excuse.  We’re here to tell you not to!  They are so important and we really believe you can manifest your goals.  The power of the mind is an incredibly strong thing!  Here are some simple tricks that help us stick to our goals.

Continue Reading

Current Obsession: Teddy Coats

January 8, 2019

Serious question: Is there anything better than finding a piece of clothing you absolutely love?  We have all been obsessing over teddy coats in the office recently.  They are so comfy and cozy and perfect for the cold weather that accompanies January. Continue Reading

A Look Back at 2018

December 29, 2018

Hi everyone!  Lin and Alex here.  It’s the end of the road for 2018 and we wanted to hop on and talk about this year.  It has gone by so crazy fast and has also been one of the most amazing years of both of our lives.  SO much has happened, changed, and grown this year.  Here are some of our top moments of 2018! Continue Reading