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3 Things You Must Do in Tulum, Mexico

April 13, 2018

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Recently I had the pleasure of leaving my reality and venturing off to Mexico with my family for a week. While I was in Playa Del Carmen majority of my stay, I found a deep obsessive love for Tulum, Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful and lively city! It has the white sand beaches, and the hospitality & restaurant experiences that stole my heart. Aside from being one of the top trending destinations to visit, Tulum is unlike any other city I have visited thus far. If you’re lucky enough to visit this gem, these are the top three places you won’t want to miss!

1. Tulum Ruins

Many of you might have seen this ruin on a postcard or two! It’s easily accessible by taxi or bicycle (we taxi’d it!), and trust me, you won’t want to miss it! While there is a bit of a walk leading up to the ruin, it is most certainly worth it if you have never seen an ancient Mayan ruin in front of you. The beauty of this location is that it perches right above the beach so if you’re going in the warmer season like I did, the beach will be calling your name by the end of your ruin tour. Because there’s very little shade, I recommend bringing sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat to keep you comfortable! Expect to see a lot of iguanas running the place too!


2. Los Amigos Beach

During our stay in Tulum we rented out a luxury suite by a Los Amigos Real Estate. Anytime you stay with this real estate group you gain access to one of the best beaches Mexico has to offer – Los Amigos Beach! This was my absolute favorite beaches throughout my time exploring Mexico! We were greeted with smiles and waited on hand and foot. As you walk towards the beach white draped cabanas will catch your attention and of course, the clear turquoise oceanfront. If I ever say that I need a vacation, this is the type of vacation I am referring to! I can’t express enough how clean and clear the ocean was, especially in comparison to the waters of Playa Del Carmen. Unfortunately, my time here was cut short, leaving me only a day to truly experience this beach. If you do get the chance to visit, which I highly recommend, 3 days at minimum will give you pure bliss, peace of mind, and something to write home about!

Check it out here:


3. Azulik Tulum/ Kin Toh

I leave you with the best for last! Welcome to Kin Toh – A Mayan Mexican avant-garde cuisine. Structured like a modern life tree house, Kin Toh will leave your eyes in awe and your jaw dropped to the floor the entire time. Being in the social media business, this was one of the most “instagrammable” restaurants I have ever been to, let alone a top 10 life experience.  Kin Toh is built on stilts 12m above Tulum’s Mayan jungle and is arguably the best location to gaze at the gorgeous Caribbean sunset. With so many exquisite qualities, it is hard to find one flaw about this restaurant! While my dress for the evening was perfect attire, I made the mistake of wearing heels. Let’s just say this isn’t a restaurant suitable for those skinny heels we all love. Even Rihanna would struggle here! If you’re traveling with a large group of friends and you have a sizable budget, I highly recommend taking advantage of their nests. These are a new edition to the property and without a doubt one of the best seats in the house. Those seated in the nests have the privilege of a panoramic view of the beautiful Mayan Jungle and Caribbean coastline all while eating an extraordinary dinner under the stars. Take a look at some of our photos taken below. While they don’t do Kin Too justice, you can get an idea!

If you’re interested you can check out their website here:


While my trip in Mexico was long, I regretfully wish I had spent more time in this beautiful city. Two days is just not enough! I am eager to return and I hope that you too get to experience these gems like I did. If you have any recommendations on where else to visit in Mexico or where we should travel to next let us know below!

 Thanks for reading!


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